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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back from multiple hospital admissions

I missed you all in this blog. So many has happened during the blogging break (though I constantly post in Facebook).

Almost every month I was admitted. The last time? Just this August! Chronic kidney patients are indeed immunocompromised. We get sick easily. Pneumonia, UTI alternating for me. At one point I had sepsis as my diagnosis. So fellow hemodialysis warriors, fever should not be taken lightly. See your doctor right away. In my case, I had fever and chills.

I underwent cysts aspiration. I am talking about some of my kidney cysts suspected to be infected. The contents of my biggest cysts were aspirated and cultured though there was no growth detected.

Due to my returning bouts of UTI since years past, my bacteria became resistant already to antibiotics including the "strong" ones. I already tried Tienam, Meropenem, Ampicillin-Sulbactam, Vancomycin, etc. Name it, tried it. For the latest admission, I was put on a new combination antibiotic, Cefepime-Tazobactam and an oral drug Azithromycin. Perhaps my bacteria will be surprised this time. It is really very important to use antibiotics judiciously. And I have an infectious disease specialist to help me with that. Together with my nephrologist, I thank them for taking care of me.

In between trials, God has never abandoned me. Each time I needed the funds, someone or some group will donate to help me. I was blessed to present in Palawan my TB research. For the first time, I reached Palawan.

Palawan is so wonderful and despite my condition, I am thankful that God allowed me to enjoy Palawan in my lifetime. The Underground River and the nice beach. Including the crocodile sisig. Yes, crocodile.

Of course, I am thankful most especially to my wife who has remained patient amidst the health challenges. Family support is very important believe me for conditions like the one I have.

God is Good!

See you next blog post!

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