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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How Google can help students (and teachers)

This generation is what is known as the Net Generation. Gadgets and the internet are commonplace. Even toddlers know how to use the tablet, the desktop, laptops and the netbooks.

Learning nowadays involves more of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, analyzing information, problem solving, creativity and innovation unlike in the past when the trend was listening to lectures.

There are still some who express concern over the use by the youth of technology in education. But with the changes in how this generation makes use of technology in learning, eventually they will still get their hands on the gadgets and on the internet. And so for me, it's better instead to teach than to ban. Technology can really be useful you know. And one common tool that probably every student sees every time he logs in the net that can be used in education but perhaps does not realize it yet is...GOOGLE.

Here are some of the ways Google can help a student with his studies:

  1. Google mail - for communication purposes, it is student-friendly as emails of the same topic are grouped together so one can really follow the conversation. Attached documents can be converted to Google Docs.
  2. Google Docs - perfect for collaboration. Students working as a group on a project and research paper can edit their documents in realtime, insert comments, and talk about their project thru chat. Online survey forms can also be made as well as databases for brainstorming. Teachers can also be part of the conversation, making corrections and comments without the need for downloading documents or files that stays in one computer. Of course Google Docs comes with enough storage for these uploaded files.
  3. Google plus - if one is not satisfied with chatting, Google plus can host hangouts where up to ten people can join including the host. Or one can decide to do hangout on air and let many others tune in to the conversation, lecture or discussion. Participants can see each other through the camera and may also have view of presentation or files by the host which can be shared by share screen feature. Meetings within school organizations for planning activities can be made online also in case it will hard to be physically present in a certain venue on a certain day. Google plus can also be used as a showcase of one's portfolio or credentials via the profile page which may be useful later when applying for a job.
  4. Of course, there are many others like Google Calendar and Youtube which may also be useful for students as a reminder for activities and for visual learning.  Teachers can use Youtube as a teaching tool too by making their own teaching videos and uploading them to their channels..
You belong to the Net generation, right? Then explore these online tools now and head on to your Google accounts and learn by discovery.

And oh by the way, all of these are free.

You can also opt to go to Google in Education and know more about what Google can do for students and even teachers. They also have tutorials there on how to use these tools.

And while you are there, include me in your circles.


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