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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Philippine Medical Association: Smoking is "Prohibited"

Did you know that the Philippine Medical Association issued a resolution urging its members to set an example by not smoking?

No Smoking Sign - Plastic - LargeAccording to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, "In a resolution Friday, the PMA “prohibited” smoking among its members and enjoined all other medical practitioners not to smoke." It even encouraged the public to report doctors who were smoking.

Members violating the resolution, according to the said report, would be subject to penalties provided for in the association’s rules.

Here is the link to the said report.

I am sure some doctors will not be happy about this resolution.

So what is your opinion on this PMA resolution?

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Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13-19 2010 is PKD Awareness Week

PKD Awareness is going fullblast in the United States. Even their Congress started to provide funds for PKD research which is really good news for PKD patients globally.

This is not the case in the Philippines.

Not many people are aware that this disease exist. It can affect your family member, your neighbor your friend your love one.

Below is a video which gives us important information about PKD.

Spread the word about PKD. Spread the message of hope.

If you want a taste of what PKD feels, go to

Friday, September 10, 2010

NBA2K11 Coming this October

The latest of my favorite NBA2K series is coming soon. This time, it will have for its cover the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

In past NBA 2Ks or even other like NBA computer games, Jordan was not among the players even though we know that everyone wishes to have Micheal Jordan in their virtual team.

2K Sports has just revealed that a new game mode called the Jordan Challenge is added to give fans a chance to be Mike in his past legendary greatest games as member of the Chicago Bulls.

Of course, you still have the very nice signature moves and graphics that an NBA 2K game provides. I can't wait to defeat the Miami Heat team in NBA 2K11.

After Starcraft, I am sure many will go crazy with this next NBA2K Sports offering.

Below is another MJ NBA2K11 trailer...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To the Women in My Life...

September is one of my favorite months particularly in relation to the women in my life...the women I love.

September 8 is the day, two of my women were born. These 2 are both my current number ones. Yes I am having them as number 1 at the same time and I'm proud of it.

One of the two is Mama Ivy. I think it was destiny that brought us to one another.

I did not know yet that I had PKD when I courted her then. It turned out I had PKD and it so happened she was a hemodialysis unit nurse! God really works in mysterious ways.

Even with the knowledge that I had PKD, mama Ivy accepted me still. She keeps me strong in all aspects despite the challenges of having PKD and I thank her for that.

The other woman is....... Mama Mary.

With her intercession, I have been receiving blessings from God in my life. I believe it is no coincidence that Mama Mary and Mama Ivy have the same birthdays. It is God and  Mama Mary's way of saying they are watching over me through Ivy.

September 9 is my Mama Ana's death anniversary. The date suggested that a day before Sept. 9 (the day when she left this earth), she is entrusting me to my wife Ivy who was born a day before September 9. She may have died due to complications of PKD 29 years ago but to this day, I can feel her influence and presence on me.

She was my hands-on teacher in my early prep school and grade school days. And now I am carrying her zeal for teaching in guiding future medical doctors, medical technologists and nurses.

I became a doctor because of her because back then it was not known that she had PKD. All we know is she had renal stones.

The kid in me still misses how she would bond with me by cooking my favorite food, watching Sesame Street, Voltes V and Daimos with me and accompanying me to field trips. Perhaps that is why I am fond of watching cartoons till now.

September 25 is my ate Nena's birthday. She got her real name from a combination of my Lola and mama Ana's birthday. She too has PKD but she always think of our family and ensures that we are doing well. Pure selfless concern for her family and fellowmen. I am lucky to have her as my sister.

So there you have it. Now you know the women in my life.

Their birth is indeed a celebration of life.

Even my mama Ana's death years ago is a celebration of life. For without risking her life despite her PKD to bring me into this world, I would not have been born.

Thank you Mama Ivy, Mama Ana, Mama Mary and Ate Nena. Happy Birthday and may God bless you a millionfold.

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