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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let the Games Begin! New Season of the NBA starts

This season is a very exciting one with interesting storylines.

Of course, the main story is the Miami Heat where you have the Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh joining forces.

Some tagged them to break the winning record of the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls but on their first game of the season, they experienced defeat in the hands of the previous Big Three of Boston.

Another interesting story to follow is how the Cavs will fare minus Lebron.

Then you have the return of Yao Ming in Houston, the Phoenix Suns minus Amare, The New York Knicks with Amare, the emergence of Durant, the New Jersey Nets under new management and coach and many more.

Still, the favorites to win the NBA finals trophy are the Lakers.  Just imagine, a team with Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Artest added with quality players like Matt Barnes, Theo Ratliff and Steve Blake. You have an even stronger defensive team.

The Magic and Celtics will surely try their best to unseat the Lakers.

The Celtics have a healthy Kevin Garnett and a strong bench in Robinson, Daniels, JO, Wafer and Davis.

The Magic will not settle for anything less than a championship trophy.

And don't forget the Spurs who on their first game showed they still can have a fighting chance in probably the last season for Duncan, Ginobili and Parker together. It appears that finally Richard Jefferson has adjusted although it's still the first game.

I pity Steve Nash though because his team got a downgrade with Turkoglu replacing Amare.

So these are just some of the reasons to follow the NBA this season. Of course I have to closely follow the results so I could win my fantasy basketball tournament. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Make Way for the Dancing Flight Attendants!

Even if it just for an hour, sitting inside a plane for a domestic flight from Cebu to Manila for example is just boring. There are no videos to watch and there is nothing to read except the airline magazine which becomes outdated when you travel several times in a month.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the in-flight "educational" dance number featuring the Cebu Pacific Dancing Flight attendants demonstrating through interpretative dance no less than the flight safety procedures!

First were the Dancing traffic enforcers, then the Dancing Inmates of Cebu, and now we have the Dancing Flight attendants.

The Dancing Flight Attendants looks like a good idea. Perhaps it will be nice to have Dancing Firemen to entertain the uziseros during blazes. Or the Dancing Emergency Room physicians and nurses to help relieve the patients' symptoms or lower the blood pressure perhaps. Or the Dancing Hostage Negotiators or the Dancing Special Operations Assault Team to divert the hostage takers' attention.

We could also have Dancing Fire Safety lectures or Dancing First Aid demonstrations.

So now since we have Dancing Flight attendants, a new requirement has been added for aspiring flight attendants...A dance demonstration video together with the resume. Well, actually I don't really know if there is that particular requirement. But I do know that in between flight schedules, the flight attendants are spending time practicing their dance steps.

I can't wait to hear of the next dancing professional.

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