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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MRT: Mag-ingat sa Riles Tayo reported (that Radyo Inquirer reported) that there has been a mishap in the MRT just today when smoke was observed to come out from the front of the northbound train prompting the opening of the MRT's doors followed by people rushing out in panic. This resulted to injuries to at least six passengers.

Days ago, some of the MRT's riding public in the Ayala station also got injured after the escalators inside the station abruptly stopped prompting some to fall down. You could just imagine how difficult it is to avoid such accidents in the station with all the people packed liked sardines-in-a-can during rush hour.

And what did the MRT officials say?

As reported by
"MRT officials say these technical issues are symptoms of the train system’s lack of adequate maintenance.
MRT General Manager Glicerio Sicat said earlier this week that this shows how badly the MRT’s fares need to be raised."

They are essentially saying, blame the incidents on the people complaining against the fare increase.

Does this mean, expect no attempt to alleviate the technical issues unless MRT fares are raised? I hope not.
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