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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kuya J Restaurant, another nice restaurant in Orchid St., Cebu

This blog is Even with PKD Life Goes On isn't it? So that means we are not going to talk just plainly about  kidney disease matters because it could be depressing sometimes but we will also talk about other things in life like enjoying it. Such as in this instance, I am going to review another restaurant in Orchid St., Cebu City which is a originally a residential area now becoming known to be one of the dining destinations in Cebu.

Kuya J is found just across Sutukil ni Bay. From the entrance alone, one would notice the nice lighting and elegance of the place considering that like other restaurants in the area, it was also a house converted into a restaurant..

The ambiance is perfect for a family or group dinner although the place is not that big.

There is a mini function room to cater to those who would like to have meetings and at the same time bond and enjoy good food.
And now....the delicious part......the food.

I got to try their seafood and you judge yourself from the pictures...

The shrimp sinigang was good although for some who liked their sinigang really sour, Kuya J's version is not that sour but nevertheless, it is good.
The tuna that you see on these pictures have a buttered and a spicy garlic variant which I particularly like best. From the taste, it was obviously a nice mix of freshness, taste, flavorful ingredients and spices.

They also have other items in the menu like crispy pata, humba and other native foods but I didn't try them because remember, I am limiting my protein and fat intake.

They offer also dessert like gellato, mango pandan and many more.
For drinks, they have fruit shakes, sodas and the healthy alternative fresh, cold buko water inside a buko (coconut water in a young coconut) and the coconut never seemed to run out of coconut water. Ah!! It was really refreshing!
All of these, come at an affordable price each.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Kuya J and try the food for yourself.

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