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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Libre, Clothing for Dialysis Patients

Seeing patients undergoing hemodialysis in air-conditioned dialysis centers, I can imagine how they must be feeling in the cold environment of the room. I thought there must be a clothing line that can address this problem. I just found in the internet that there is indeed a clothing line that makes comfortable functional clothing which can keep dialysis patients warm without resorting to wearing sweatshirts with ugly holes deliberately made for treatment access.

It is called Libre which refers to the openings in the clothing for arm access, leg access or even chest access. They are equipped with strategically-placed zippers which allows the patient to wear the clothing outside as well as inside during dialysis or chemotherapy treatment as access can be obtained. You can see how these zippers work here.

You can also view the video below made by Libre Clothing to have an idea what the clothing line is.

I believe this clothing line will be helpful also for polycystic kidney patients who will undergo dialysis. For more details regarding this clothing line including orders, you may visit the Libre Clothing website.

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  1. Thank you for your post and kind words about our products! It's very much appreciated!!



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