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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trying to learn the Running Essentials with Skechers

Getting many invites for running events has inspired me to really engage myself into the running sport with my wife. Around three times a week, me and my wife run either in the Abellana Sports Complex oval or at the Fuente Osmena circle. Now I am beginning to really enjoy it. It is a good bonding moment for me and my wife and it is a good exercise that burns calories.

My next target now is to gradually increase my endurance so I could run at relatively longer distances. This March 25, we will be joining the Globe Run4Home, a run for charity and to prepare for that and future runs, I plan to attend a running "seminar" of sorts. You should, too.

This coming March 24, 2012, Skechers will be bringing over multi-awarded runner/ultra-marathoner Michelle Estuar to the Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center from 4::00 to 7:00 PM to teach aspiring runners in Cebu the RUNNING ESSENTIALS to improve the way newbie runners train to prepare for a run.

RUNNING ESSENTIALS, I was told, is part of Skechers Fitness' advocacy to promote Mid-Foot Strike, proper running techniques, and a healthy lifestyle. It will cover topics such as Stretching, Leg & Foot Technique, Hydration & Nutrition, and more. These are exactly the things me and my wife should learn about running.

Interested to join? Register now at 0905-3905883. This is for FREE

Come in your Running Attire and wear your running shoes. During the following day at the Globe Run4Home event, look for the Skechers booth because I think they will be offering something interesting that day.

I can't wait!

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