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Monday, April 30, 2012

Celebrating World Bloggers' Day: Why it's more fun in blogging and social media

It's true. It's more fun in blogging and social media.

When I just learned about my polycystic kidney disease (PKD) -- when I was just newly-diagnosed, I was often depressed. But blogging and social media changed that.

When I joined blogging, I met new friends outside my usual circle. They were not medically-oriented people. They were mostly younger than me. And they turned out to be friends worth keeping. It's ironic that an online activity such as blogging has led me to having more friends offline. Money opportunities came. Learning opportunities as well.

I learned more of social media thru blogging. I was able to use Facebook and Twitter for my advocacies. Socil media has helped manage my class. With blogging and social media, I was able to attend events I was not able to attend when I was not yet a blogger.

I became more familiar with the places to go, the nice food to eat, the hotels to stay on, the nice cell phones. The experience was indeed fun yet educational. Heck I was forgetting already that I have this PKD.

Together with maintenance medications and lifestyle modifications, my venture into blogging and social media coincided with the period that I have relative lesser complaints regarding my PKD.

So, yes it's more fun in blogging and social media.

And even if blogging and social media can be made into an alternative source of income, I make it a point to remember not to lose the fun part of blogging and social media.

As the world celebrates World Bloggers' Day 2012, let's have fun. Let us celebrate being a blogger. For once, let us forget the serious stuff even for a day and enjoy the moment.

We at Cebu Bloggers Society will be celebrating this day culminated by a General Assembly on May 5 at the a Cebu business hotel where we will rekindle friendship and camaraderie with other members and meet new ones. This will be followed by an afterparty at the Amnezia Super Club for a night of dancing and singing.

Join us online on May 2. Share, tweet, pin and show the world why there's more fun in blogging and social media. Drop by and say hi in the World Bloggers Day Official Fan Page, tweet at the Cebu Bloggers Society Twitter Page and make your online presence felt.

And to show your appreciation to your favorite blogs, nominate your favorite blogs NOW at Tatt Awards!

Happy World Bloggers' Day!


  1. Likewise here! Blogging and social media changed me in so many ways. It made me connect to the world. Such a nice post Doc! :)

  2. Goodluck to all bloggers especially to cebu bloggers!



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