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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Figuring Out what God's Plan is

For the third time I had my CMV IgG antibody tested, I got a negative result. That means for now that I will have to wait awhile for a kidney transplant to happen as most people or most kidney donors are expected to be positive.

But life does not stop with that, right? Meanwhile I am trying to finish my thesis doing laboratory work (please pray that I finish that soon) and I am also working on establishing an online support group for dialysis patients. I am still having a hard time letting fellow dialysis patients warm up to joining an online support group. They have not yet fully grasp how social media can help. Or perhaps they are still shy.

Also I had the honor of meeting a celebrity with a very good personality, Abby Asistio, who is an Ambassadress for Alopecia in the Philippines. Very inspiring lady who is passionate of her advocacy.

with Abby Asistio
with Abby Asistio
I also had a reunion with my Ceboom Hazelers FitFil team with our former fitness coach, Biggest Loser Philippine Edition alumna Hazel Chua.
with coach Hazel Chua
With Coach hazel Chua
God has been very good to me keeping me relatively healthy to allow me to be with the company of great people recently.

And oh by the way. This blog has been nominated for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards and I thought I could turn this nomination into an instrument to spread my advocacy of positivity despite illness. If you want to help me on that, you could visit and LIKE the entry post there.
Best Cebu Blog 2013 nominee

Now back to my thoughts...

There are times when I am alone when I ask myself, what really is the Lord's plan for me. Have you also experienced that? What is the meaning of those negative results? I am feeling fine recently even skipping erythropoietin injections since my hemoglobin rose. My hemoglobin levels did not decrease already. I was hypertensive before and now my BP is normal. And I thank God for this. But science says I still need a kidney transplant. Quite confusing, isn't it?

But I trust the Lord that He will do everything in His time. I should not force the issue. So I go with the flow.


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