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Saturday, February 1, 2014

What's your hemodialysis age?

On January 29, 2013, I had my first hemodialysis with an IJ access. I have surpassed one year last January 29 and I'm one year old already. Yes one year old because I feel that hemodialysis gave me a second chance at life. Happy 1 year anniversary to me! Cheers! And belated Happy Chinese New Year too!

So many things have happened during that one year span. There were ups and there were downs. But mostly, it was ups for me.

Recently, I had a scare. I experienced hypotension. My systolic bp plunged to 80 from 110 during dialysis in less than an hour. I experienced cold sweat and almost passed out. Not a pleasant feeling I tell you. We thought my weight gain was 4 kg based on my previous dry weight. Apparently, my actual dry weight may be higher and therefore the 4 kg weight gain may not be accurate. My hemodialysis was stopped until I was able to recover. Good thing, my BP was back to normal within an hour. You'll never really know what will happen the next minute of your life. So we have to make every moment count.

That scare won't deter me though to savor a new year for me. I look forward to this new opportunity to make an impact to others despite my condition.

So how about you, what's your age in terms of your hemodialysis? How "old" are you? I would like to know what's your secret for longevity in hemodialysis? I believe positivity plays a role as well as support of family and friends. Do you agree?

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  1. I am also a hemodialysis patient and I will be 2 yrs. old undergoing the treatment this June of 2014. Just like you or with other HD patients I had also my ups and downs, I went through denial stage and depression. I was even brought back and forth to the hospital as if I was always checked in at a hotel due to blood transfussion.

    I had my first dialysis last August of 2011 due to pneumonia it was an emergency because my lungs accumulated so much water and it lasted for 6 hrs., since then my doctor advised me to have an av fistula because my kidneys was affected due to pneumonia. I was not able to use it for nine months and I thought I was alrdady safe but on June of 2012 I was rushed to the hospital because it was my heart that accumulated water and there was no other way to reverse it but start undergoing HD. ater a year I had a mild stroke and that really depressed me because all my finances went down the drain. Before I was 84 kilos then I trimmed down to 59 kilos. But it was this January of 2014 that I started picking up my broken pieces and started to maintain my composure. I started to work out in my gym with clearance from my doctor as long as the weights i carry is minimaland now i don't feel like an HD patient.

    I still have many anecdotes to share which might enlighten or touch our fellow HD patients and I would like to join a group or even having to put up a foundation in which will cater to HD patients needs. My e-mail is

    My first encounter with dialysis was in August 2011 and it was an emergency due to pneumonia. Although all of us HD patients are undergoing the same treatment but our cases which led us through this journey are different. Other cases are due to complication of dibetes, hypertension others have deteriorating kidney like it becomes smaller or it's protein is wasted and not being distributed properly.



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