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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tubo Cane Juice in Cebu, refreshingly healthy

Yesterday, I had the chance to taste Tubo Cane Juice in a stall in Parkmall, Cebu. The variant I tasted was the one mixed with calamansi, which according to the lady in the counter, is the best seller.

Fresh sugarcane is fed into an extractor machine which squeezes out the raw natural sugarcane juice.
One could have his Tubo Juice with calamansi, pineapple among other variants. Tubo Juice can also be taken pure.

Tubo Juice is sugarcane juice which is completely different from your refined sugar.  Raw sugarcane juice did not undergo refinement thus it is not stripped of its natural nutrients and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium .Unnatural chemicals are absent in raw sugarcane juice. It has a low glycemic index thus release glucose to the bloodstream more gradually. This is good news for those who are mindful of their calories. Articles in the internet has mentioned it as a good substitute for refined sugar as a sweetener.

After drinking Tubo Juice, I feel so refreshed as if it had a cooling effect on the body.

Instead of taking in soda drinks, why not try Tubo Juice?

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