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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why we should thank our teachers

There are many reasons to thank our teachers for. Among them:

  1. Teachers especially in the Philippines relatively do not have big salaries and yet a lot bring their work even at home. Teaching is their passion and they show genuine concern for their students.
  2. Teachers are one of the most patient persons in the world.
  3. Teachers act as our second parents. 
  4. Teachers help us prepare to face life.

Personally, my teachers have a great influence on me. Even from way back in the elementary school.

I remember one of my elementary teachers encouraging me to join the Arts Club and until now I love drawing and making sketches. My religion teachers were a great help in the formation of the right values. My class advisers then helped developed my confidence. The encouragements to recite, to sing in front, and the "very good" remarks for a good job done from them actually have a positive impact.

I can never forget my science teacher who accompany me in several science quiz balls. We won a Presidential medal from then Pres. Marcos in one of these contests.

I won't forget most especially Sr. Elisa who made me love music. I learned to play guitar and I learned to blend my voice with other vocals. Until now I love to sing and I love caroling for they remind me of my days in the choir.

I continue to communicate with some of my past teachers through Facebook and through text. And this World Teacher's Day, I would like to say THANK YOU to them (my grade school and high school teachers) wherever they are.

Of course, in the occasion of World Teacher's Day, I would also like to thank my teachers in college, medical school and graduate school. There are so many things I learned from them and yet  I continue to learn from them until now outside the classroom for I work with some of them. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

How about you? Have you expressed your gratitude and appreciation to your teachers? Now is the best time.

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