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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All Souls' Day Reflections

by Henry L. Yu, M.D.

As we observe All Souls' Day and remember our dearly departed who have gone ahead of us to the Great Beyond, let us remind ourselves of our own mortality - of the fact that whether we like it or not, we will all be saying goodbye to this earthly life someday. 

Yes, this earthly life is just loaned to us by the One above. We are all but passing visitors on a limited visa. 

Amidst fame and fortune and all these material things, let us not be proud and arrogant for having them, acting like we are immortal, as if there's no end to living la vida loca.

As much as possible, let us refrain from hurting people. Let us make it a point to bring sunshine into their lives by saying and doing good things while there's still time. Let us not wait till tomorrow what we can do today for tomorrow might not come. We might not have the chance to do things for them, to show how much we care. 

In this busy world where we are preoccupied with so much work to do, catching up with time, leading a fast-paced lifestyle, we tend to forget one important aspect of life - and that is, to give ourselves time to reflect on the real meaning and purpose of life and living, our ways, our relationships, etc. 

Once in a while, let us give ourselves some moments of silence to reflect on the purpose of life, of who we really are, on what we have done or have not done, especially to those people who have played a great significance in our lives once upon a time when we were down and out and we needed a helping hand. 

Let us remember that life is too short with so many things to do in a lifetime. So let us not make it shorter by bearing grudges or hatred towards people, or saying negative things about them. Instead, let us spend the remaining days of our lifetime loving them and caring for them. 

As one author would put it "We only live once, so whatever good I can do to a person, let me do it now for I may not pass this way again." 

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