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Monday, November 28, 2011

Realizations during the Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 in Cebu

Blogging has helped me a lot in dealing with my PKD. I cannot really explain the fact that when I became active with blogging, I did not experience depression anymore because of my PKD.

Unlike before, i don't feel sick and blogging has gave me a positive outlook in life. And so it is but appropriate that I gave back to blogging by contributing all I can in my own little way to ensure the Visayas Blogging Summit (VBS) 2011 was a success.

With the help of the entire Cebu Bloggers Society with VBS Chairman Ruben Licera Jr. at the helm of the event, thank God it became a success.

  1. From start to finish, the participants stayed.
  2. Many big sponsors helped making it possible.
  3. Idol Darren Rowse tweeted wishing he was in VBS that day. 
  4. Miss Earth beauties dropped by. (making a lot forget Mayor Mike Rama was also in the house).
  5. The hashtag #vbs2011 was one of the top trends that day
  6. Chris Ducker was in his element.
  7. The rest of the speakers are also.
  8. Mainstream and new media mixing with one another.
  9. Even Ms. Gina Lopez dropped by and inspired the audience.
  10. The giveaways, gifts and prizes were overflowing and cool! Roundtrip plane tickets, Hotel stays, VIP Passes and an awesome Android phone!
  11. Krispy Kreme! Krispy Kreme! Krispy Kreme!
  12. Geiser Maclang need I say more!
It was really a wonderful day for bloggers. Much more for me.

I realized that day, that if bloggers unite and do their part, we could accomplish things that seem impossible to do and achieve. 

Imagine what bloggers can bring not just for businesses. 

Bloggers are becoming an influence in other areas. Imagine what bloggers also can do for certain advocacies like fighting HIV in Cebu through social media campaigns. Spreading awareness on Polycystic kidney disease. Promote tourism. Promote groups like Cebu Chamber Singers in events like VBS making them trend in twitter (in the same way as what happened to the hashtag  #vbs2011) or make participants talk about them and upload their videos at the same time in youtube after listening to them sing in VBS. 

Actually it was not just the talks and the topics that highlighted the VBS theme "Blogging and Beyond". The participant turnout, the overwhelming support of sponsors (thank you) and the hardwork put on by Cebu Bloggers Society members/VBS organizers showed that VBS indeed is not just anymore about blogging.

It can even go beyond. May VBS be the start of greater things to come for the Visayas Blogging community.

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