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Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Fit Fil Cebu Camp Experience (So Far)

Last time, I mentioned I joined the Fit Filipino or Fit Fil Cebu camp of Coach Joe Saret in Ayala Center Cebu. I was told that it was unlike the usual fitness camps but I had to see or experience it for myself.

Attending 2 sessions so far, I could say this: Guys, all that was said about the camp is true.

It is really unique. Imagine, just 4-minute workouts! Sounds easy, right? Nah!

The camp is like a scene coming straight from a soldier movie. It is like one is being trained to be a soldier. It brought memories of past CAT or ROTC trainings. The feeling is just like that. "Dah! Ngano ni enter?" "Bakit ako?" "Lord, ano nagawa ko?" "Ayoko na!" People are saying this things...laughing! It is one activity that you complain too much but you do not want to actually miss. Many complain of soreness and yet they are willing to subject themselves to the challenging exercises. That's Fit Fil.

We, Cebuanos are really lucky to experience this first.

So what exactly do we do during the camp?

Well, one is the 4-minute workout composed of cycles of 10 counts jumping jack, 10 counts squats, another 10 for push-ups and another 10 for lunges which are repeated until 4 minutes is reached. Believe me, as time passes, execution becomes more difficult. However, one can feel the different muscle groups at work, becoming sore afterwards.

There is also the Cabinta workout in Day 2 with the most difficult part for me personally, being the planking which effects can really be felt in the abdominal muscles.

The camp is complete with nutritionists to give advice and plan a participant's individual diet and a drinking station. There is also circuit training where groups shift from one activity to another in sequence.

It is a fun workout and I believe the camp uses the right strategy motivating its participants. It really helps to have a team that trains with you, a coach that constantly reminds and motivates its members and varying activities that counter boredom. The camp really gives one the feel of being part of a Biggest Loser show.

I am lucky also to gain new friends and be part of the CeBOOM Hazelers Team under Big Loser Philippines alumnus Hazel Chua's wing. The team is serious in sustaining the initial steps in this camp that it came up with a Facebook group even to act as a support group hopefully even after the camp.

For Fit Fil Cebu CeBOOM Hazelers team, just visit this CeBOOM Hazelers Facebook Group then join the group.

Special thanks to Ayala Center Cebu and Nestle Wellness along with the other sponsors. Oops! I forgot....I have to sleep for not less than 7 hours. I have to stop writing this post already.

See you for the weigh-in!


  1. Hi Buboy. I am so happy that you are enjoying the camp. Can't wait for Manila to start!

  2. Hello Buboy! Just stumbled upon your blog while checking the google ranking of my pages hehe! How are you? Hope everything is great!



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