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Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Aspin Day 2012: Dogs' Day Out in the Plaza

The Aspins or Asong Pinoy or our home-grown dogs got a special day of their own today in the form of the June Aspin Day, thanks to Island Rescue Organizaton (IRO) and its partner organizations, groups as well as the City Veterinary Office.

Many proud dog stewards or owners brought their Aspins, big and small, to Plaza Independencia earlier this Sunday morning (June 24) to have their pets registered, checked up, vaccinated, dewormed, receive treats as well as interact with other aspins. Some of the dogs get to show their tricks, their costumes and their good looks.

IRO booth with some of their officers
It was great to see man's best friend enjoy the park with their masters. Unfortunately though the grass area of the park was off limits to both man and dogs following the plaza's guideline.

The Aspins included IRO's rescued dogs Otap and JY.

Otap was enjoying his day out in the park while JY was kind of stressed but slowly warmed up as time passed. This is already a big achievement for both of them especially JY who was badly injured after being hit by a vehicle prior to his rescue.

They may be Aspins but the dogs were all beautiful and well taken cared of.

It was difficult to pick the best looking dog among these. I would say that all the owners should be given medals for taking good care of their pets.

I commend the organizers for putting up this event. It raises awareness of responsible pet ownership, the importance of rabies vaccination and in a way, it pays tribute to our very loyal companions including the aspins who really deserve to be pampered and showered with love.

I hope June Aspin Day will continue to be celebrated and I am also hoping that more organizations and companies will support this as well as the initiatives and other activities of IRO.

IRO is nonprofit animal rescue organization based in the province of Cebu. For more info visit their website at

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