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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful and hopeful

With the schedule of AV fistula creation nearing (with stress balls in hand), I thought to myself, "This is it. This will be the start of a new journey...beginning with a series of hemodialysis in the upcoming months." I know it will not be an easy one. For one, I saw my mother and my relatives before me go to this difficult process. Number 2, I know management of PKD is an expensive one, especially dialysis, transplant and post-transplant.

Because of the anticipated expenses, me and my wife has started a kidney transplant fund anchored on a Transplant Fund Facebook Page, and a Youcaring fundraising website. Instructions on the ways to donate as well as the form for contributions are found in this Google document.

God is so good to me.

I have one possible kidney donor so far and tests are to be done.

I can feel the support of friends and family and their support has kept me going. I am very grateful for their facebook shares also.

My creatinine is really high but at least I can still be functional with no edema or difficulty in breathing although I was already admitted for pancreatitis which was a very painful experience.

I have a wife who is always there for me even through these tough times. I don't know if I can bear all these without her.

Because of the support of God, family and friends, I have high hopes of the days ahead...that I have many years ahead of me doing what I love: mentoring future physicians, medical technologists, and researchers. Hanging out with the "unlikeliest" of buddies-- my blogger friends during events, speaking in front of a young crowd, singing my compositions, having a nice walk with my dog and enjoying the company of my wife.

Please do continue to be with me in this journey.
P.S. Thanks to my medical school classmates abroad...Karen, Evelyn, Steffan and Lizette, Rhea and my batchmates here in the Philippines particularly those based in CIM and in Cebu; my blogger friends (can't name them all), JP, MD who were among the first who responded to the online fundraiser. I can't thank all who agve me support this week.

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