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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preparing for the Inevitable

It's kinda tough when the kidneys start failing. Different blood tests have to be monitored as some of them may go up and down. Uric acid, creatinine, sodium, potassium, calcium, albumin, etc.

I just had my regular checkup and blood tests and my nephrologist noted that I am noticeably getting thinner even though my appetite is still good. Ultrasound revealed the biggest cysts have gone really bigger. My PKD is in "full bloom" I suppose.

But hey, I am still continuing with my advocacies. Last week I had a talk with some youth leaders regarding responsible use of social media and this Saturday, I plan to attend a bloggers' meetup this weekend. I don't expect though to be as active as before in my blogger activities in the coming days.

I am preparing to undergo a procedure to have vascular access for expected hemodialysis to clean up my system. I have started reading about AV fistula or vascular access for hemodialysis. Prior to the expected procedure, my prothrombin time will be checked. Just to be sure I have enough vitamin K especially with me on prophylactic antibiotics, I was prescribed menadione tablets. Of course, there's the usual medications like iron, calcium supplements, bicarbonate, antihypertensive meds. I will being seeing a surgeon for this procedure in the days to come. As you well know, I am also looking for a living kidney donor.

I really hope that despite of the procedures I will go through, I can still pursue my passion for educating the youth regarding social media and health through blogging and speaking engagements in the same way as before. I am also hopeful that I can still finish my other masters degree with the help of an open university.

As I enter into the difficult parts of my condition, I appreciate prayers and support.

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