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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Searching for a Living Kidney Donor

With my creatinine already at its highest in years, the point has come when I was advised for hemodialysis and kidney transplant. Kidney transplant appears to be the best choice at a relatively young age of 39 and in the absence of stroke and cardiovascular problems. The transplant will most likely be done in Cebu, Philippines.

And so my search for a living kidney donor has started. I cannot already count on my relatives on the mother's side since polycystic kidney disease came from the genes of my mother. To recall I have Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. That leaves me with my relatives from my father's side as the best choice of living related donors (related by blood within the fourth degree of consangunity.) By the way, my blood type is B+.

The Philippine DOH Administrative Order 2010-0018 also allows for directed voluntary donors (-Those who are not related by blood to the recipient but bear close emotional ties with the recipient. (e.g., spouses, relatives by affinity, friends, employers/employees of long standing, Colleagues, fiancĂ© /fiancĂ©e and adoptive parents or children) when it is found to be voluntary and truly altruistic.

So yes, those within the Philippines other than my relatives may also donate.

Of course potential donors shall be without health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, substance abuse, heart disease, psychiatric illness, lung disease, cancer, impaired kidney function, hepatitis B or C infection and HIV. Donor must also be a non-smoker. He or she must be above age 18.

I understand it is not an easy decision for donors and many feel uncomfortable with this. Some of the questions potential donors ask are the following (with answers):

  • Will donation affect future pregnancy or fathering a child? The answer is NO based on literature.
  • Is a donor more likely to develop kidney disease? The answer again is NO. They are no different than the general population. Of course donors should have a healthy lifestyle eating the proper diet, exercising among others. From what I know, he or she should refrain from contact sports like karate, football and boxing, etc.
  • There is no change in life expectancy for a kidney donor based on current research.
  • The risk of donating kidneys is similar to those undergoing major surgery.
I am hoping that all will go well and the search will not last long. This blog has a contact page should you wish to contact me. 

I thank those who are praying for me and supporting me in any way they can. May God bless them hundredfold.


  1. hi, have you already found a donor?

    i'm currently on hemodialysis and also looking. my blood type is O+ i hope we both can find a donor.

    you're luckier than me since you are in the Philippines and can afford dialysis. i work in the middle east and the only reason i am able to have a regular hemodialysis is because the cost is handled by the company insurance.

  2. My wife is my prospective donor. You should have a good chance of finding a donor because Type O+ is most common. I was only able to afford dialysis because of Philhealth. And without Philhealth, I will not able to have this chance for kidney transplant. Do not lose hope. We will pray for each other. I have gone through many challenges lately: Bacterial infection, oral thrush and now a bad allergy. But I am not losing hope as I am already near my goal.

  3. hi, i'm currently on vacation in our country. yes phil health helped a lot. i'm using it now.

    were you able to underwent a transplant? how did it go?

    praying for you and hoping for the best.

    1. My first donor (my wife) failed. A new donor is being tested and I am waiting for results. Meanwhile on dialysis. Hope you are OK too. You also have my prayers.



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