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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meanwhile, Helping a Fellow Friend in Need

You know what? Even with all the challenges that came my way...the month long fever, the rejection of my wife as kidney donor and many more, I am still thankful to God that I am now relatively better. My appetite is back and I do not already feel weak although I still get tired easily.

With regards to the donor search? Still none but I remain hopeful.

Oh by the way, my parents visited me and I am glad they saw me in this "improved" state. Do not want them to worry to much especially now that they are old. They saw me while being hooked to the dialysis machine and since it was Holy week, we prayed and have some reflections during dialysis.

This week, I received bad news. (Do not worry, it is not regarding my condition.) But a very good friend of mine (Chester Dave Ricafrente) was hospitalized in Quezon Medical Center. His blood counts are low and looking for blood type A+ donors turned out to be difficult for them. At the same time he was nursing a fever. He was put on isolation in a solo room and was put under the care of a hematologist.

Also, his hemoglobin was dropping fast reaching levels below 5 and I just hope his friends and relatives realize that his condition is not a simple one and they have to get blood donors fast.

Having an idea of the possible diagnosis and knowing that they just recently welcomed a new kid, I can just imagine what is going through the mind of my friend right now. Anyway, the least I could do was offer encouragement and share my experiences especially with regards to fundraising. I am no expert but I thought maybe it could help.

So I help set up my friend's Facebook Fundraising page at

There one could find updates regarding his condition and potential donors can see how they could help.

I do hope my friend receives help also. I am lucky that many people helped me thru prayers and donations and I am very thankful to all of them. I wish the same for my friend. Even if I am sick, it doesn't mean I won't think of my fellowmen already.

Dave, just hang on my friend. Together we will remain steadfast in our faith in God. His will be done.

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