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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Looking for a Kidney Donor Anew

This morning, we were scheduled to meet with my transplant surgeon to finally know if my wife will be able to donate a kidney to me after a battery of tests including a nuclear GFR scan. To recall, my wife is a compatible blood and tissue match to me and was thus considered a prospective donor.

The surgeon began by showing the nuclear GFR results to me and my wife. He explained that my wife's GFR did not meet the cutoff. This was due to her right kidney which appeared to have scarring. If she donated her left kidney, the remaining right kidney will not be able to sustain the required functions for long. In other words, it will not be good for her health to donate a kidney.

I thank my wife for her willingness to donate a precious part of herself, her kidney. But now that she won't be allowed to donate a kidney, we are now in search of a new kidney preferably from relatives of my father's side since autoomal polycystic kidney disease (the cause of my kidney woes) runs in my mother's side of the family. My mother, her siblings and her father had it and they all died because of it.

But kidney donors can also come from my friends.

For those interested but have fears, concerns or questions, I could bring him or her to my transplant surgeon who is willing to answer any question and address one's concern or fears.

By the way, I am Blood Type B+. One can contact me thru this blog or leave me a message at my Kidney Transplant Fund page.

I will be very grateful to this person who will turn out to be my kidney donor. I definitely still want to be part of the formation of future physicians as a medical teacher. I still want to educate my readers thru my blogs. I still want to spend time with my loved ones. I still want a second chance at life.

Please help me with this wish.

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