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Monday, March 11, 2013

Time to Thank the Lord

My application for Z-package has been submitted and it will not be long when further tests for me the recipient and donor will be performed coordinated by Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. Can't wait for the test schedule and nephrectomy. Thank you to the transplant coordinators in VSMMC.

Meanwhile, for the first time, I have my appetite slowly returning. But there's an unexpected surprise.

My BP is relatively low and I am not even taking antihypertensive medications. Last night during dialysis, I had an episode of hypotension. Good thing the nurses where active and they were able to keep me comfortable.

I no longer have fever during dialysis but can't seem to point out why I have fever the night following a dialysis. I am already on Vancomycin IV and Levofloxacin PO.

Well what's important is I'm becoming better. Oral thrush also is gone and thanks to my friends and supporters who prayed for me, I'm not losing hope.

One thing I learn from this experience is you need to have a strong faith in God. It is not easy that is why, strong faith is needed.

At this point, I would like to thank all who donated. The funds has reached the 500 thousand mark and with your continued support, we will be able to afford the posttransplant medications.

I would like to also thank my wife for being the stabilizer. She sacrificed a lot for me. Not to mention she will be my donor. From work, imagine she has to act not just as a housewife but also as a nurse. She ensures that I receive my IV treatment. She prepares the Soluset, Heplock, etc. Having her do this ensures a great savings as I do not need to be admitted in the hospital.

Lord, please continue to grant my wife the Strength to do what she is doing. I thank you Lord for giving me a very patient wife. I do not know what would I be without her. I am lucky indeed.

I see the same thing inside the hemodialysis unit. Very dedicated spouses, siblings taking care of their patients. Lord bless them too.

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