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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Transplant is already near

After several months of submitting requirements, lining up in various offices, my Z-package appears to be becoming a reality now. Tests on me and my wife, the prospective kidney donor are now being done in coordination with the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC).

We submitted sputum and stool samples. Blood was extracted from us for various tests. We had ECG and Chest X-ray. All of these are for free as part of the benefits. I think we will also have other tests done outside VSMMC next week.

We are really near the homestretch. All I have to do is to get stronger and prepare for the bilateral nephrectomy. The nephrectomy is needed to eliminate the kidneys as a source of possible infection during transplant. To recall, I have recurrent UTIs for years. Removing the very large kidneys also will provide a space for the new kidney. The nephrectomy will be performed by a relative of my wife who is a urosurgeon. It will be done in Cebu Velez General Hospital due to financial considerations. (I enjoy a discount there in the labs and room, etc. )

The good news is I no longer have fever postdialysis. I already passed through the stage where it is difficult to eat because of oral thrush. I still have my antibiotics though -- like Levofloxacin and IV Vancomycin. Vancomycin 1 dose costs almost PHP 5000 so I thank the Lord for the donations that keep on coming.

Please do continue to send them as we will have to deal with the high cost of posttransplant medications. Total amount raised so far for the transplant fund is PHP 552,513. For the immediate needs posttransplant, we need to raise 1 Million pesos by April 15.

You can still send your donations to IVY MATA TAPIA, BPI Savings Account Number 1026 9288 02, General Maxilom Avenue branch.

Most important of all, please do continue to pray for me. Prayers can move mountains.

P.S. Special thanks to Cebu Bloggers Society and Rappler MOVE.Ph for their continuing support.

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  1. hi what are 'body requirements' for a donor aside from compatible blood type? is obesity a no-no?



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