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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Asking for Prayers for a Successful Permcath Insertion

As you msy already know, I only have an IJ catheter, a temporary one as vascular access for my hemodialysis as of the moment. This came about when an attempt at a AV fistula access for hemodialysis was unsuccessful. My blood vessels turned out to be really small. It is because of this that inserting an IJ catheter temporary access proved to be a challenge.

Now after more than 2 months of the IJ access, it is time to change to a Permcath. Unfortunately, I am having fever and chills after every dialysis so apparently a biofilm has already formed on the catheter that I have. I was placed on Vancomycin IV antibiotics after dialysis and this Monday, the catheter will be removed. The plan is to be without a catheter for the meantime until the next dialysis.

Immediately before the Thursday sked of dialysis, the Permcath will be inserted. I am hoping a successful catheter insertion. I was told that catheter insertion was even more challenging because this is for the 3rd time, the first time with a Permcath. The surgeon plans to do fluoroscopic-guided insertion this time.

I ask for prayers for a complication-free surgical outcome next week. Please Lord, make it easy on my surgeon to insert the Permcath. And I do hope the fever and chills after dialysis stops. No infection for a long time please.

The procedure will most likely be done in Chong Hua Hospital. It is expected to be more expensive.

So I am continuing my plea for donations. The month has been already tough for me since we are already paying for every dialysis session (PHP 2,500) and erythropoietin injection (around PHP 1,000) to save some days for the Z-package of Philhealth for kidney transplants.

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