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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another series of recent trials

Just recently I had my IJ catheter access transferred from the right to the left after 5 days rest without a catheter for dialysis. This was brought about by an infection in the IJ after two and a half months manifested by fever and chills after dialysis. I was given ciprofloxacin oral tablets and had IV vancomycin treatment. Good thing symptoms stopped after the catheter was removed.

So now I have a left temporary access plus an AV fistula on the right arm in preparation for a possible longer period of dialysis? Why? Because my search for a donor suffered another setback.

It turns out I am so far CMV IgG negative which is quite rare. It means I have not been exposed to the CMV or Cytomegalovirus. Most people including my latest prospective donor is CMV IgG positive. A CMV IgG Donor positive/Recipient negative combination has the highest risk among kidney transplant patients to end up having CMV disease. There are antivirals available for prophylaxis to decrease the risk but it is too expensive for me. I need more funds should I want to proceed with this. I chose to patiently look for another donor which may hopefully be CMV IgG negative. And still with this, I need more funds to raise to safely get me through posttransplant medication expenses.

If God really wills me to have this kidney transplant, I guess I will eventually find a donor. Should you be interested to donate for me, I am looking for Type B+ (my blood type) or Type O+ (universal donor) kidney donor. Just send me a private message.

Meanwhile, school is fast approaching. I thank my employers for still retaining me at least for the next six months. It will really be a bigger problem if I am not receiving any salary.

I am adjusting to the presence of an AV fistula on my right arm. I don't curl or turn side to side anymore when I sleep. I am still not getting used to it.

The left IJ is not working as well as it should as compared to when I have my IJ access on the right side. Well maybe because the route to the superior vena cava is not straight with the left IJ. I am praying my AV fistula matures fast so I could have better "cleansing" from my dialysis and avoid blood loss due to clotting in the tubes or the dialyzer.

With regards to my fundraising, I am planning to have other means of raising funds perhaps T-shirts selling or fun runs. But I need help in organizing these things aside from my wife and family.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank my wife for being patient with me and taking care of me through all these. I am lucky to have her. She really sacrificed a lot for me losing sleep in times when I have fever and chills at night or if I am in pain. She arranges everything when I am in the operating room for procedures. She accompanies me to the ER. She is with me through rough times and I thank God for her.

I hope she likes the Gabii sa Kabilin experience tonight. It's just a small thing I could give her with all the things she has done for me.

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