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Thursday, May 9, 2013

While waiting for a kidney transplant

It's been a while since I last posted. Tests for my new prospective donor are still ongoing and I am patiently waiting with some concern that my IJ access will not hold up and I might end up having another catheter-related infection (God forbid).

Meanwhile, I've been busy with preparing the materials for my research which I will endorse to assistants. I also prepared some forms and procedures to make it easy for them to perform the study. I am set to write two physicians for advice on research funds. I am also editing a school manual. Back to usual business shall I say.

However, two days ago, I felt unusually tired. Looks like things are not really the same as they use to. But I can't seem to get rid of the teacher in me. I really love schoolwork and I want to continue doing it as my contribution to society. Which is why I am appealing again for your generosity to help me fund my transplant expenses. There is a Paypal donate button on the left side of this blog if you want to donate. I do hope the kidney transplant will push through.

Aside from easy fatigability, I once in a while experence itchiness in my elbows, knees and other parts of my extremity. I make sure I don't scratch them but it's kinda hard to resist.

I miss my days as a blogger attending events so I attended two (with a face mask) - a general assembly of our bloggers' community. I was glad to see my fellow bloggers' faces again offline. I also attended a seminar for cervical cancer awareness to express support for She Matters, a cervical cancer foundation.

There's a national election, this coming Monday. I think despite my condition, I will go out and vote. This election is too important to miss. I think other Filipinos should go out and vote too...and VOTE WISELY. DO NOT VOTE BASED ON NAME RECALL.

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