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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Going to Mass also on Weekdays is Refreshing

Going to Mass does feel refreshing...spiritually nourishing. I can't explain it but it makes me feel good the rest of the day. Despite problems, PKD symptoms, the many things to do and the challenges of work,  I feel somewhat calm.

I started again to attend mass on weekdays just this week at the Velez Hospital chapel. My former classmate in medical school, Fr. Alfonso Suico celebrates the mass on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30 noontime.

I used to go to Mass everyday as an altar boy from Grade 5 to 4th year high school. That meant waking up early at 5 AM, going to church wearing already my school uniform and bringing already my schoolbag which in the Philippines means bringing a "baggage" filled with textbooks and notebooks.

It took a lot of sacrifice on my part. My job then was to check the altar boy assignments and see if the assigned "mass server" "sakristan" or "altar boy" is present. If the assigned altar boy was absent I took his place. If everybody's present, I get the guitar from the nuns and provide the guitar accompaniment to the mass.

I got to have breakfast afterwards at the parish rectory or the sister's convent. As an altar boy, I was able to try various Filipino dishes during May when everyday is a feast day in Candelaria since all chapels within the Parish's jurisdiction hold Masses everyday. But of course, it's the spiritual benefits that matter the most.

From the altar boys or Knights of the Altar group during our time, a lot entered the priesthood although I did not know how many ended up as a priest except for one, Fr. Jojo Cantos. Going to masses then taught me discipline and provided me spiritual guidance.

Then reaching college until recently, I only attend Masses during Sundays.

But now I'm back to attending Masses and receiving the Holy Communion on weekdays too and I am glad I did. I even get to reprise my sakristan or altar boy role of ringing the bell chimes during the consecration and doing the readings. Having PKD is not easy and somehow the masses keep me strong spiritually, emotionally. If we need food for our stomach everyday, so does our soul.

I am inviting everyone to partake of the spiritual lunch during the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Mass in the CVGH (Velez) Chapel. It's free.

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