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Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron James Joins Wade and Bosh in Miami

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I am disappointed...

Lebron James decided to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. The self-proclaimed king made this formal announcement in an ESPN special.

Wade and Bosh teaming up is already fine for me.

Wade may be considered by many as less talented than Lebron but the former is a proven winner who carried the Heat to the championship even with a not-so-stellar cast. 

Bosh has good stats and could be counted on for points and rebounds. Wade and Bosh teaming up (for some) may not really guarantee a championship but I know the two of them will have a harmonious relationship as teammates which will make the Heat a title contender.

On the other hand Lebron already had a good supporting cast in Cleveland last season but he disappeared during the Celtics series. The self-proclaimed king let his teammates down during that time leaving the Cavs in the cold.

Now he is leaving the Cavs for good.

Lebron's ego also may be too big that it could pose problems to the team chemistry of his new team.

I want Miami to be Wade's team not Lebron's. I would have wanted Lebron to be on the side opposite Wade's.

But Lebron chose the easy way to a championship. And even if he wins a championship with Bosh and Wade he will never get the credit for getting it. He will never have the same winning legacy as Jordan or Kobe because of this move. 

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