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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mae Krua: Delicious Thai Food at an Affordable Price

I love Thai food. But eating in restaurants serving Thai cuisine may be expensive. Not anymore.

Mae Krua is a simple little restaurant which offers affordable but delicious Thai dishes that rival those served in formal and expensive Thai restaurants.

During a "despedida" get-together for a friend who in the coming days will travel to the United Kingdom, we had a nice and sumptuous dinner there at Mae Krua.

Reserving the top floor of the place was easy with its friendly staff. The place has a Thai feel with various items coming from Thailand and framed photographs that showcase anything Thai.

Looking at the menu, there is a wide selection to choose from.

I particularly like the Tom Yum Goong, a soup or broth made of prawns and various spices that I don't find in native Filipino dishes. I like the mix of flavors which can really be appreciated because the soup is not too spicy hot.

Tom Yum Goong

Another best seller is their Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) Rice although I have to content myself with watching my friends enjoying their rice since being a PKD patient, I am not allowed to eat food with a relatively high salt content.
  Bagoong Rice

They have fish-based, chicken-based and pork-based dishes which are all yummy! My wife for example, personally liked their Thai chicken with honey sauce. They also have delicious chicken pandan.

Their dish price range is from P75 to around P200 with relatively big servings. The choices are endless.

If you are dining as a group, then I suggest you opt for the pitcher of Four Seasons as your drinks. It will come out cheaper.

For dessert, I tasted their Thai sticky rice with mango months before but unfortunately, it is not always available.

Friends, this is not a sponsored post. I just like their food. Try Mae Krua.

Mae Krua is found in Ramos Street, Cebu City just a walking distance from Diplomat Hotel, Velez Hospital and Cebu Institute of Medicine. You cannot miss this place when you are going to the Velez College gym.

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