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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Google Alerts to Increase Blog Traffic

Recently, a typhoon locally named "Basyang" hit Metro Manila and many parts of Luzon in the Philippines plunging affected areas to the "Dark Ages". Imagine... no electricity, no internet connection, no cellphone signal... Waaah!

Good thing the typhoon did not hit Cebu although we also experienced brownouts here a consequence of the summer drought perhaps.

Anyway, I am online now and I just wanted to share what I learned recently from various websites regarding the sue of Google Alerts.

Before, I did not realize Google Alerts' potential for increasing blog traffic. I just know that it pays to be active in online forums, comments, sections and discussions for these sites give you a chance to have your blogs known when you make meaningful comments on these sites and use as your signature of sorts, your own blog address or URL.

I forgot the source but I read somewhere in the net that one can use Google Alerts to target the sites where you would make comments on -- sites that are in the same niche as your blogs or sites with the same topics of interest as yours. In this way, you become popular in your own niche.

So what are you waiting for? Try signing up for Google Alerts.

Choose a search term. Choose the type of online content (news, blogs, videos, discussions) related to your your search term that you want to be alerted to. Then have the alert delivered to your feed through Google reader instead to your email. Create the alert and edit or manage your alerts as needed. You can have alerts for several search terms.

Read your alerts using Google Reader then choose the sites (example: those belonging to your niche) where you want to say something then affix your blog URL as your signature. Voila! Then wait for your blog traffic to gradually increase.

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