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Thursday, April 8, 2010

After my own Good Friday, Back in Action

It was just last week or Good Friday that I had another episode of gross hematuria (with blood in the urine). To recall my prior readings, rupture of a cyst into the collecting system is thought to be responsible for it and urinary tract infection or stress may be a likely precipitating factor. It may possibly reflect a faster cyst expansion.

Anyway, I managed it with bed rest and hydration, in my case, with oral and intravenous fluids. Those days, I got the best care and support from my loving wife who always gives me strength...and the comic relief from my ever loyal but slowly aging dog- Bacter. Of course, I got prayer support from my family and friends. I know God was helping me carry my cross those moments.

No use for being depressed and all.

This week, the Medical Education Unit (MEU) of the Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) conducted a seminar-workshop on clinical teaching to Cebu Velez General Hospital residents who are expected to guide the senior and junior clerks during their own rotations. You can see me in the above picture smiling as if nothing "scary" happened to me a week ago. In the background are the residents having their workshop. I discussed one topic on Adult learning Strategy by Knowles and the Clinical Learning Cycle by Cox. I myself got to review these concepts which are very useful in clinical teaching. I particularly liked Ken Cox's clinical learning cycle which emphasizes the importance of preparation, briefing, debriefing and reflection aside from the patient encounter itself to have effective clinical learning. My other colleagues discussed assessment including the OSCE. By the way, for a step-by-step guide on Mastering the OSCE, Click Here!

On the same day of the workshop, at day's end, I got to have dinner with my 2 of my classmates from medical school years whom I haven't seen for a long time. The best part was...the dinner was their treat! Sarap pag libre ano? (lol) ...and yes...they are "more chubby" than me. Hope they don't get to read this blog...

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