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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Voting off Tim Urban

Finally Tim Urban is voted off. Clearly, American Idol Season 9 contestant Tim Urban was vocally the weakest among yesterday's contestants.  And he was uninspiring during the "Inspirational" theme show.

Even at the start of the live contest performances, he was the weakest and he should have been voted off way before Didi Benami or even before one of my favorites, the very unique Lilly Scott. Urban was like the Terminator cyborg who just doesn't go away easily.

Well, what can I say..."Hasta la vista, Baby!"

I hope the same goes to the "political turncoats" in the Philippines. These turncoats are supposedly the principled leaders of our society.I just hope they will be voted off this coming May elections. It's obvious, their reason for transferring allegiances is self-gain or self-interest.

Also.....If I could just also vote off the pain I am experiencing because of my expanding cysts...It's been 4 days already. It is tolerable though. Good thing there is no hematuria. No fever too. Watching American Idol - The Best of Seasons 1 - 4, may help me forget about the pain.

You know what though? Between voting off the turncoats or corrupt officials and voting off my pain experience.... I would rather vote off the corrupt and the turncoats...never mind if the kidney pain stays.

I can live with the pain, thank you.

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  1. Well, what can I say..."Hasta la vista, Baby! hhehehe



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