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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The "Walking Style" in Local Newscasting

 It has become my routine to watch the morning shows in GMA 7 (Unang Hirit and Buena Mano Balita) to start the day to provide me with the latest news and updates on local and national issues. Call me a "Kapuso" if you want for it (Channel 7) is the clearest channel that can be seen in our television sets.

As I watched Lou-Anne Mae Rondina and Alan Domingo deliver the local news with a map of Visayas showing clearly Cebu in the background, I can't helped but notice their style of newscasting. If you are observant, you will notice Loa-Anne walking slightly forward and sideways, stopping in front of Cebu's location in the map (a variation of Pia Guanio's walking the catwalk style at the start of delivering the showbiz news in the evening's 24 Oras). The corresponding video of the news report will then be flashed as Lou-Anne's continues to be heard followed by the view of the camera shifting to Alan Domingo walking this time from the opposite side also walking towards the front of Cebu's location in the map with Lou-Anne not already in the camera's focus perhaps taking a few steps backward to accomodate Alan who is occupying the area where Lou-Anne was standing prior.

Then the news video report is flashed and then you see Lou-Anne walking again until she reaches "Cebu" as Alan disappears from view. This goes on as both news anchors alternate.

I could just imagine them going to and fro doing the atras-abante or the cha cha. Too bad I cannot find a youtube video showing one of their recent newscasts.

But walking seems to be becoming a trend in local newscasting as you see also in the afternoon (Balitang Bisdak) newscast, Cecille Quibod doing the walk while doing the talk.

Well is that a sign of being a good physician? (Naks!ubo!ubo!) Having a "clinical" eye on things? Being observant or "himantayon"? Himantayon lang jud.hehe.

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