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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Marlene Aguilar Heads March for son Jason Ivler

GMA news reported earlier this AM that Marlene Aguilar-Pollard headed a march in support for the release of his son suspect Jason Ivler joined by a group of their relatives and perhaps friends.

They marched from Aguilar's house in Katipunan to the Quezon City Hall complex, the venue of the hearings on the murder case filed against Ivler. Aguilar-Pollard had vowed to march daily near the jail as long as his son is still incarcerated.

Ivler, is the main suspect in the road rage killing of Renato Victor Ebarle Jr, the son of a Cabinet official. Ivler was transferred Tuesday afternoon to the jail from the Quirino Memorial Medical Center, on orders of the Quezon City court .

Ivler's mother if I recall objected to the doctor's nod for Jason to be transferred to the city jail. Prior to the transfer, Jason was examined by a doctor...Guess what helped convinced authorities that Jason was fit enough to be transferred to the city jail?...Jason was logged on to Facebook and playing military video games.

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