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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Earning Money while Logged In the Web

PKD is a very expensive disease to have. I have a pair of antihypertensive meds, alkalinizing meds, antibiotic taken indefinitely, vitamin B complex, to name some. So that additional sources of income are always a welcomed opportunity. Well non-PKD patients may also want to hear appears there is indeed a gold mine online waiting to be taken!

Since I always go online for research, social networking, emails, chatting, etc., why not do something on the side which may potentially earn me real money than playing Facebook games which earn me virtual money?

I went through several sites and researched a lot, careful that I will not fall prey to online scams in the future. Advantage goes to those living in the US and Canada for it appears there are more opportunities for surveys to come as well as other offers. But if one thinks these sites are not the source of main income, even Asians can join and benefit some of the said sites.

Below are some sites that I joined (free without charges), confident from reading many websites that they will someday deliver additional money slowly but surely through Paypal or check.

ONLINE PAID SURVEYS - Register, complete the profiles so they could match you for a certain survey. Once you qualify, answer truthfully then you are paid with cash, price, raffle ticket or gift certificates. Below are the legit sites according to expert reviews meaning they pay when they say they will pay.
1. SurveySavvy
2. American Consumer Opinion
3. Brand Institute

I also joined an online paid review site known as Review Stream where you could write reviews and get paid and I am hoping some of the products I have made (and will make) will be accepted. I am thinking of joining other paid to blog or paid to review sites like PayPerPost.

I have not received money yet for there is a minimum amount for you to be able to cashout like for example $10. The surveys have not come yet after a week of joining perhaps because there's none yet that would qualify for my profile. But the reviews that I have read seem really convincing for me to believe I will also eventually (hopefully with fingers crossed) reap the fruits so to speak.

I set up a separate email account for this online money-making purpose so that emails from these sites will not be mixed with my personal or job-related emails. I also checked my bulk email in case some of them ended up there.

Good news, too. I have not received trojans or viruses from visiting these sites.

After a year perhaps, let us evaluate and see our progress. Hopefully I have some dollars sent my way by that time.

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  1. well, i don't have much gut to actually venture into money making online. but if you think it's best for you - then, there's no harm trying though. good luck! :-)

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