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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Pacquiao will win over Mayweather

After the recent Mosley-Mayweather match, the debate over who really is the best pound-per-pound fighter intensified. Some would say Mayweather is it because not only has he shown his defensive prowess in the fight with Mosley but he also showed good offense. Nah!

I still say Pacquiao will win a fight against Mayweather if they get to face each other in the ring and here's why:
1. Mayweather has not faced a fighter in the same league as the Pacman.
  • Mayweather faced an old Mosley and despite that "Money" nearly got KOed by Sugar Shane in the 2nd round. Mayweather held Mosley all he could to avoid falling down. And we are talking of an old, easily tired Mosley here.
  • If Pacquiao was in Mosley's place, he could have followed up with a flurry of quick yet powerful punches.
  • Mayweather always fights the big names who are on their downhill. Mayweather was almost defeated by a de la Hoya past his prime. Mayweather fought a smaller Marquez at a weight past the agreed weight.
  • Pacquiao can take strong punches like that of Cotto so Pacquiao is not afraid to get hit in order to penetrate the opponent's defense.
2. Mayweather's punch lacks power. Pacquiao's punch is fast and at the same time power-packed.
  • Mayweather was not able to knock Mosley out. Look at Mosley's face. Yes Mosley was often hit but his face was still clean, No obvious swelling and bleeding. I bet Cotto's punch is harder than Mayweather's. Come to think of it, Mayweather hasn't even fought Cotto and apparently avoided Cotto in the past.
  • Manny Pacquiao's punch on the other hand packs power even if he is coming from a lighter weight division. When Pacquiao gradually went up claiming titles...surprise! His knockouts became more and more spectacular! Remember Hatton's knockout where poor Ricky fell down straight to the canvas?
3. Manny knows how to win a fight against a defensive boxer like Clottey. So Mayweather's defense will not matter.
4. Manny has the prayer and support of a million people behind him, Filipinos and non Filipinos alike. That's a psychic energy enough to topple Mayweather even without a punch.

So c'mon you two...Let's get it on! Let's get ready to rumble. Make the fight happen. People cannot wait to see Mayweather finally meeting his match. Get him Manny!

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  1. I agree.... but... "Toyota, nothing is impossible", remember that... Hehehehe

    By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just started a new contest called Mama's day out!

  2. I just heard it from you and they just announced a winner on facebook for their Mama's Day Out contest.

  3. dam! facebook banned in pakistan so i cant say any thing :(



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