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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Election 2010: A Historic Moment for Our Country

It's a little more than an hour since voting was closed.

In one polling precinct with almost 1000 registered voters, some were not able to vote for they were not able to wait for their priority number to be called. This prompted one friend to say that in last year's elections, the voting was fast but the counting was very slow. Today the voting was slow and the counting expected to be fast.

Actually, voting itself was fast. It's just that the board of election inspectors are dealing with more voters due to the creation of clustered precincts equivalent to 4-5 precincts in the previous elections. Maybe in the next elections, the clustered precincts should be composed of lesser number of precincts or less than 1000 voters.

This election indeed serves as the "pretesting" phase for the subsequent automated elections.

Watching from the televised news programs, the reporting of results from the precincts appear to be fast though. Local election winners may be known within 24 hours or within this evening.

But I am not so far satisfied of the partial election results especially in the senatorial race. Popularity still seems to be the prevailing basis for selecting candidates. Example: One under-performing but very popular candidate is in the top 12 even if in the past this candidate admitted he performs betters as a local chief executive than as a lawmaker in Congress (where he admits he is out of place).

Want to know results for Cebu precincts?  Here is the link for Cebu.
For results for polling precincts all over the country, click here.

It's 830 AM. Just finished voting. I was voter number 45 in my precinct. The turnout rate so far is 40 per hour which is slow. Around 90 should vote per hour to finish 1000 in a precinct on time.

There was confusion in the giving of priority numbers and there was lack of a system in allowing voters entry into the holding area.

Some tips?
  1. Vote early. Locate your precinct and take note of your voter number.
  2. In shading, make a continuous circular motion so the ink will not blot through the paper affecting the other side of your ballot.
  3.  Be aware where your forearm is because your sweaty forearm or elbow may come in contact with the ballot paper.
  4. Do not fold the ballot paper.
  5. Remind the assigned teacher (BEI I think) to affix his or her signature on your ballot prior to loading the ballot in the PCOS.
  6. Wait for the "congratulations" in the PCOS before leaving the PCOS machine.
  7.  Bring a lot of patience.
  8. Continue to pray for the success of the election.

It's around 5 AM. Woke up early. I don't know but I am having the same feeling as when I am about to take a certifying board exam.. Never felt this way prior to voting...

I am thinking about the PCOS machines, the markers, the ballot...hope everything will be okey...I want to prepare myself early.

Candidates list...check. Handkerchief to wipe off sweat in the hands...check. Breakfast...check. Precinct number...check.

I am registered in a polling precinct quite far from my present address so I have to travel early.

Let's pray for an honest, orderly and peaceful elections. Vote wisely my countrymen! Updates later...

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