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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is It Like to Live in a Mini Farm: A Simple Life

I just got home from my annual summer vacation in my wife's hometown in Leyte province and I really enjoyed the experience. I got to live the life of a rural citizen.

Want to know what a typical day at a farm is? Then read on and enjoy the pictures below as well.

The day starts by waking up early preparing the food for the pigs and the guard dogs in the farm. Since the farm is just nearby, me and my wife decided to take a hike to savor the fresh air and the nice view of the mountains until we reach the sugarcane fields surrounding the entrance to the farm.

Then we went straight to the nipa hut or "bahay kubo" and watered the plants around it. The rest of our companions arrived and we proceeded to feed the dogs and the cute little noisy piglets that were so excited to see us. Continue reading to see the pictures of the cute piglets...(I hope you can distinguish which one is the real piglet.)

Then came the time to feed the chickens...

Then my father-in-law proceeded to the nearby river to take a bath the way folks usually do in the past. The continuously flowing water was crystal clear supplied by a natural spring from the mountains. Never mind that Leyte Province is known to be endemic for various parasites including Schistosomes, I dipped my feet in the water somehow confident that no such parasites exist in those waters. It was a good sign that I haven't seen human "land mines" floating in the water supporting my assumption that the water was indeed clean.

We further explored the place amazed at the fact that nature was well-preserved in this part of the map. The acacia trees are big and the greens were all over the place.

I just love the fresh air and the sound of birds and insects, a welcome feeling far from the pollution and irritating noise of the city.

The farm animals had their fill gastronomically-speaking. It was time to leave the farm for the meantime. The next trip to the farm was again at 4 PM and I did return to the farm that same afternoon.

At least even for just a day, I got to experience the life of a farm boy. It was simple, yes. No busy streets, no skyscrapers, no problems from work. Just me, my wife, our companions and Mother Nature....all natural...except...... for my laptop.


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  2. ahahah Really mmice life dudue :) it mean is your are full enjoying your life ahhh thats Coooooool :)



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