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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who Will You Vote for Philippine President? A Survey Among Friends/Readers

In a few days, it will be National Elections Day, a very crucial and pivotal time for our country.

There are different groups here and there supporting different Presidential candidates.

You have the Doctors for Gibo group, Volunteers for Noynoy among many others. It seems Cebu is divided with some also supporting Manny Villar.

There are also others who are undecided.

Surveys that have been publicized in the national papers have a different top 3 compared to surveys done by CBCP, Seven Eleven and other groups.I will not comment here who is reliable or not.

Just for fun (because I know this will not be really scientific), I decided to have my own poll here and I invite you to participate in this poll. I just hope more than 10 will participate so that hopefully I could post the results prior to the elections. Let me make a clarification though that I am not endorsing any candidate here, OK?

(NOTE: After the voting closed, here are the results: Aquino-4, Gordon-3, Teodoro-3, the rest 0. Thanks for voting.

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