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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Gift for Dad and Memories from Way Back

As we celebrate Father's day, I would like to publish in my blog a poem by my dad. He made this years back for a Catholic newspaper in Luzon and months back he was asking me to have it published in his own blog. Since he does not know the ways of the net, I'll publish it in my blog instead as my gift to him so it will not be lost forever. It's in Tagalog or Filipino, by the way. It talks about our parents love for us from our childhood days bringing us to who we are now.

 Talking about remembering the past, I cherished the days when me and my father watched a movie together in Colon. This was ages before Ayala or SM. There was still Ultravistarama, Seven Arts and the decent Vision theater then in Cebu City. I remember watching the young John Voight as a boxer and father in the must-see movie The Champ. The song "If You Remember Me" from that movie still remains a popular song.

The Champ Clash of the Titans (Keepcase) Saturday Night Fever (30th Anniversary Special Collector's Edition)
I also remembered watching with him the original Clash of the Titans and Saturday Night Fever with the younger John Travolta. (Am I revealing my true age here?) I don't know why I remember these particular events but I missed those days.

My dad is in Luzon and I'm here in the Visayas. I can't personally greet him Happy Father's Day or thank him for everything. (He is already hearing impaired).

Dad, I may not look as tisoy (mestizo) as you. (yikes!) I may not have the genes on good looks from you. But I certainly got all the other better things that you taught me. And I thank you for that.

Take care of your health. Happy Father's Day!

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