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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sleepless in Guadalupe

The school opening is fast approaching and the past few days has just been crazy for me. These few days are probably one of the busiest for me. That happens when you are a teacher and a student at the same time.

I was just appointed research coordinator for the Velez College medical technology interns which is a very challenging position but a welcome challenge nonetheless. This is my opportunity to apply what I learned both in my Masters in Health Professions Education and Master of Science in Public Health. I believe that for research to truly be embraced by students, emphasis should not be on the number of lectures but on learning which takes place after the lectures, application and feedback.

And so I am having sleepless nights lately in our home in Guadalupe.

Apart from global warming making nights warmer for us to have difficulty sleeping, I am creating an instructional design for research which reflects the emphasis I mentioned and doing some long term planning. In the process, I am applying what I learned from my mentors, Dr, Erlyn Sana, Dr. Alvin Mojica, Dr. Fajutagana, Dr. M. Atienza and even my colleagues in CIM to guide me.

At the same time, I am working on my thesis proposal for my Public Health studies targetting June as my deadline and also having my paper on abbreviation usage checked by Dr. Mojica for submission later to Acta Medica.

I am also working on improving my Google and Alexa ranking for my blog in order to later explore paid blogging. I tried to apply to Entrecard last night and have been editing my 3 blogs and doing SEO stuff.

Then I just finished editing our Microbiology laboratory manual, reading other people's researches, preparing my lectures for the medical board exam review and the actual classes for the 2nd years.

Maybe if I don't really love teaching and research, I could have just left these tasks until the start of the actual classes.

Hey, I am forgetting that I am a PKD patient! I have to watch out for my health still.

Maybe, I am just excited to finally appreciate blogging. I am just as excited to finally have the opportunity to change the research culture starting with the premedical courses.

And don't worry, I still have a life outside school. People who do not really know me think I am this very serious guy who only talks about academic stuff.

I guess they just have to read more of my blog in the future to know me more.

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