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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Watch NBA Finals 2010 Game 7 Livestream!

This is it! Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Do or die!  No second chances. Two storied franchises. Two legendary teams. One trophy.

On one side are the Lakers. Kobe with a chance to cement his legacy as one of the Lakers greats if not the greatest according to many. Expect him to give his all for there is no tomorrow. This is the game he was waiting for all season. We know he can explode anytime. We know he can be unstoppable. We know deep inside, revenge is on his mind. Joining him are Gasol, Artest, Bynum, Fish and for me, the X-factor for this game for the Lakers, Lamar Odom.Which Lamar will show up?

On the other side are the Celtics. The proud Celtics. The Big Three now the Big Four minus Perk. Too bad. Perkin's defense is very valuable. Good thing though, there is Rasheed Wallace. Many seem to forget that Sheed used to be a starter for his previous teams. He too can play good D although age is catching up on him. He on the other side is the wildcard along with Big Baby.

Magic and Bird in the past. Now Kobe and the Big Four.

Even if the last game was a blowout, I think there is too much in this game for each team to just give up. That makes the game exciting to watch.

Can't watch the games because your not at home? Do not despair. You can watch the game online too via free livestream. Here is a link to the free nba final game livestream.

I know there are more Lakers fans. But what the heck......GO CELTICS!!!!

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