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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Observations during President Noynoy Aquino's Inauguration

  • P-Noy or BSA was very faithful to the schedule. Good thing he along with outgoing President Arroyo (GMA) arrived in the Quirino Grandstand early since the song numbers were perhaps too many.
  • Expect a tv ad which goes like this in the near future..."Soon to be available in your favorite record bars, Musika Para sa Pagbabago featuring the country's premiere singers and songwriters, Ogie Alcasid, Gary Valenciano, Regine Velasquez, Noel Cabangon, Charisse Pempengco, the Madrigal singers, etc. and the inauguration song...." Distributed by... (who else?)
  • Confirming what P-Noy's driver had mentioned in an interview, the new president is strict in following traffic regulations. His convoy stopped on a red light. For his security though, he should realize his convoy should be continuously on the go on the road.
  • Presidential nephew Josh's (Kris Aquino's son) closeness to the President was very evident during the official picture taking. Also immediately after the actual oath-taking, Josh personally went to his favorite uncle to congratulate the latter.
  • Baby James was initially in good spirits at the grandstand but had tantrums when the family official portrait was about to be taken holding on to his yaya's (nanny's) hair in front of national television. Where's his daddy, local basketball superstar James? Chief Justice Renato Corona was surprisingly present. His name was not directly mentioned or directly acknowledged during the inaugural speech. In contrast, the Senate President, House Speaker and former Presidents were acknowledged.
  • It feels very weird to see a President during an oath-taking not having a First Lady beside him.
  • P-Noy's girlfriend was seated beside an Aquino sister at the grandstand.
  • I wonder what P-Noy and GMA were feeling while they were in the same car going to the Quirino Grandstand. To recall, P-Noy installed former Chief Justice Hilario Davide to head the commission that is believed to go after GMA.
  • I thought Charisse Pempengco sang the national anthem well. Good thing it was not in acapella like in a boxing match. She was accompanied by an orchestra which guided her on the tempo. Good thing, Christian Bautista (who was also there) did not sing the anthem. It can be recalled that during a boxing match, he sang a shortened version of the Lupang Hinirang.
  • Was it intentional that Christian Bautista sang "You Raise Me Up" acapella? His voice quality was very good but he seemed to be in a hurry to finish the song thus the spirit of the song was not captured enough. But we have to thank him though because if he sang any longer P-Noy's oath-taking will be already beyond 12 noon.
  • P-Noy seems to take feng-shui seriously. He followed the advice not to visit his parents' tombs on the same day as the inauguration.
  • The arrival of guests at the Quirino Grandstand was like a scene taken from a red-carpet event in Hollywood (like the Oscars) filled with celebrities dressed in designer gowns and expensive jewelry. One celebrity even wore her signature hats.
  • People in the Quirino Grandstand witnessed an Oath for Change (Panata sa Pagbabago) made by representative of various sectors in behalf of the Filipino people. I wonder if  these same people refrained from throwing their garbage anywhere in the grandstand grounds. You see, the Oath or Panata should be practiced in real life.
  • Let's hope the new administration makes good of their promises. Filipinos should help their President carry on these reforms. Have a nice day!

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