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Friday, June 18, 2010

Grrr!!!! You Just Can't Get Everything!

I am sad. The Celtics lost. I felt bad for the Big Three. They tried their best but their best was just not good enough (am I singing a song here?). The blame goes to Ron Artest's psychiatrist. He or she (whoever he or she is) made Artest relax and reportedly told Artest that he could shoot a three.

And what a three it was! Amidst the barrage of threes including a miracle three by Rajon Rondo, Artest made a killer three that provided enough separation between the Lakers and the Celtics. And Artest made sure to thank his psychiatrist at the post-game interview.

No one had seen this coming. Artest who often fired empty bricks in previous games just helped Kobe win another one. Of course, special mention goes to Gasol too for his magnificent rebounding along with Kobe who had double digits in rebounding. The Celtics surely missed Perkins on the floor.

So there you have it. The Lakers have their rings. Kobe and Fish added a fifth ring and Jackson collects another championship.

Indeed you cannot have things your way all the time. I may be a little sad. Just a little. It's just a basketball game. I won't lose sleep because of it. I won't have acne all over my face. I won't be undergoing treatment because of this.

There are many things to look forward to.

There is an NBA free agent extravaganza coming full of interesting free agents. A new season for my fantasy basketball team. Several pain-free and hematuria-free days despite PKD. A new challenge to overcome in real life as a teacher.

For one little thing not going my way, a flood of blessings come rushing in toward me.

That's just my pet dog at the start of this post who is frowning....

I am still smiling. :-)

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